Residential Program

Our Residential Program is a 24-hour live-in program structured to meet the individualized needs of the clients.

  Group, individual, and family therapy sessions are provided as well as educational, vocational, and recreational programming.  Specialized seminars and parenting classes are conducted weekly.  An aftercare program for juveniles tracks progress and assists clients with their ongoing needs. At intake clients are assessed on their ability to pay for treatment based on their income and number of dependents. Based on that assessment, over the past few years the number of indigent clients has averaged between 75 and 85%. In conjunction with guidance from our accrediting agency, CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities), we have an ongoing outcome management program that tracks program effectiveness, program efficiency, and consumer satisfaction.  Specifically, some of the outcome measures include:

  • Percentage of clients successfully completing treatment.
  • Percentage of clients completing treatment that are in school.
  • Percentage of clients staying arrest free 90 days after discharge.


The following are the latest results compiled:

Juvenile outpatient completion

86% successfully completed

Juvenile outpatient education

100% attended school after completion

Juvenile residential completion

  69% successfully completed

Juvenile residential education

100% arrest free 90 days after discharge