In-home/On-site Program

Here’s Help, Inc. provides in-home/on-site therapy to clients ages 13 and older, who exhibit mild to moderate alcohol abuse, drug abuse and/or co-occurring problems. The program is a family focused intervention involving a structured process of continuous engagement with the client, siblings, parents and other family members. Therapy emphasizes skill building, parent and adolescent relationship building, therapeutic interaction, and crisis intervention, as needed. The program builds on family assets, working from points of strength rather than weaknesses. Services provided through in-home/on-site therapy include comprehensive assessment, service and treatment planning, case management, individual and family therapy, and urinalysis monitoring. Services are individualized to meet client needs.  On occasion, as an alternative to meeting in a home environment, a different location may be utilized, such as a community center, park, or library.
The average length of participation is 3-4 months. Participation assists clients in stopping or reducing their alcohol and drug use and improving their overall quality of life. Families benefit from enhanced functioning and cohesiveness and reduction in conflict and disorganization.